Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease. Ideally, an infected person should minimize personal contact with other people in order to protect them from the infection.

The Scabies parasite is known to burrow under the skin and lay eggs. It is not termed as medical emergency, but it sure can be transmitted from one person to another by sharing of personal items and skin to skin contact.

The itching can be relieved with the help of home remedies and use of antihistamines.

But the mites cannot be scrubbed out and the only way to eradicate them is to break their life... more

The Sarcoptesscabies mite is the root cause for Scabies infection. It can be classified as a sexually transmitted disease. But, it should not be confused with various other STDs. It needs to be approached differently.

The most common mode for spread of Scabies is by personal contact. It can be passed easily between members of a household, sexually, and by skin-to-skin contact. So, it can very well be classified as an STD but there’s a whole lot more to it.

Sharing of personal belongings like bedding, towels, and clothing can also lead to spread of the infection.

The mites... more

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that is caused by a mite. You might be particular about taking a bath daily and keeping your home clean, but it will take one personal contact with an infected person for you to catch the mites.

Let’s read more about the Scabies infection –

1. How Do The Mites Work?

Once Scabies mites infect you, the symptoms will show in four to six weeks in the form of pin pricks. Soon you will feel that something is crawling under your skin and feel an intense itching. This itching will intensify during the night... more

The Canine scabies is caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei. They are able to penetrate the skin of healthy dogs and cause skin problems. The dogs will often be seen scratching themselves due to the itching. These mites cans also infect humans and cause them mild discomfort and itching.

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1. Who Can Get Infected By Sarcoptes?

Canine scabies is known to infect dogs of all breeds and ages. Although often seen on dogs, it can also be found on cats, ferrets, humans and fox.... more

Pathophysiology is helping doctors’ worldwide for treating victims displaying symptoms of scabies. Timely detection and the right treatment are essential for the eradication of mites form the human body.

Let’s read more about Pathophysiology and its role in curing Scabies - 1. The Pathogenesis

The Human Scabies is caused by mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. The mites are 0.4mm to 0.3mm long and the male mites are half this size. The body is transparent and the mouth and the legs are brown.

2. How do they operate?... more

Even if you have completed the whole treatment and the doctor tells you there are no more mites sustaining under the skin, you will still have itching for some time.

This condition can persist for some weeks, but will gradually reduce and eventually fade away.

Such itching is felt in areas where scabies rashes were bigger and deeper. However, Dr Scabies is an effective treatment for relieving the itching. Use it for 2-3 weeks and the itching should gradually subside.

Duration of recovery

In most scabies studies, prominent symptoms like itching and... more

Even after months of medical treatment for scabies, chances of nodules appearing does linger on for a while. Clinically, these nodules are termed as Nodular Scabies.

These nodules are pruritic and can be allergic reactions in parts retained by mites during the infection period.     

Although, Nodular Scabies isn’t a common scabies type, it is reported that only 10% of the total cases reported suffer from it. It is common among young children and has distinguished characteristics.

In the earlier stages, a patient can show prominent nodules that are... more

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