Scabies Infestation

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease. Ideally, an infected person should minimize personal contact with other people in order to protect them from the infection.

The Scabies parasite is known to burrow under the skin and lay eggs. It is not termed as medical emergency, but it sure can be transmitted from one person to another by sharing of personal items and skin to skin contact.

The itching can be relieved with the help of home remedies and use of antihistamines.

But the mites cannot be scrubbed out and the only way to eradicate them is to break their life... more

Lice are tiny parasites visible to the naked eye that survive by feeding on the blood of the host. The scabies mites are much worse in comparison to lice, and can be considered as a form of microscopic lice.

Lice and Scabies are both parasites that survive on the human body, but are not related to each other at all. The safest method to prevent lice from spreading is by avoiding the scarves, hats, combs and clothes of other people.

If there is awareness of an infected person, physical contact should be restricted.

Once a single member of the family gets infected, it is... more

Scabies is one of the most contagious skin diseases in the history of mankind. The microscopic Scabies mites can drive a human being crazy with their itching and burrowing.

Scabies spreads easily by skin to skin contact, sexual relations and by sharing personal belongings. But the mite cannot survive outside the body of the host for more than 72 hours. So if you have an infected person as guest, get ready to sterilize the home once he leaves. Avoiding skin to skin contact is the most important thing to do.

1. The Mites Are Invisible and Microscopic

You... more

Once a family member gets infected, there is every possibility that the entire household will catch the infection sooner or later. Some people find the pain and the itching unbearable and get depressed very easily. Once the Scabies infection is confirmed, it is important to handle it in a systematic manner.

It is important that the entire family thinks over the steps that ought to be taken in order to get rid of the mites at the earliest.

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Treatment for the Furniture

... more

Scabies is spread only when a person comes in close contact with an infected person. Any skin to skin contact or sharing of common items can lead to an infestation. Getting scabies after using a public pool? Well, let’s find out!

A quick handshake or an informal hug will not necessarily spread Scabies from one person to another. Swimming in a public pool will also not aid in spreading the infection. It spreads faster in people and pets of a single family and in sexual partners. Nine out of ten adults, who suffer from scabies, seem to have got it from their sexual partner.

Let... more

Scabies is a highly contagious disease of the skin that is caused by an Infestation of the Scabies mites. The symptoms after the infestation do not appear immediately. Read on to know more.

Scabies mites are very small with eight legs and one of the most irritating parasites on this planet. At just 1/3 mm length, they manage to burrow inside the skin of a human and pets to produce intense, unbearable symptoms.

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1. The Scabies Mite

Once a Scabies mite infests the human body, it leads to intense itching... more

If you get a sudden itch that looks like a rash, do not ignore it any cost. Call your doctor right away or get yourself treated with a good product like Dr Scabies as soon as possible.

When you go to the doctor’s office, narrate to him all the symptoms that you have observed. The doctor will be able to make the right diagnosis on the basis of it. He should ideally examine the rash closely and also take scrapping of a burrow for further tests.

No matter how mild it looks, do not ignore the infection. Never!

1. Diagnosis of Scabies... more

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