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Scabies are parasites that can cause a terrible skin infection in humans and animals. The mites that cause infection in humans are called Human itch and the ones that cause it in animals are called Mange mite. The two aren’t exactly the same.

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The Adult Scabies

The mites that cause infection in humans are 0.2mm to 0.4mm in size.

They are microscopic in size and can only be seen under the microscope. They are transparent in color, and despite misconceptions, they cannot fly or jump... more

Contrary to popular belief, Animals do not spread human Scabies. But they can spread animal Scabies if the human comes in close contact with them.

Sarcoptic mange is the scientific name of Animal Scabies. It can be easily be passed on from dogs and cats to humans.

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1. How Is Animal Scabies Transmitted?

When a human comes in close contact with a dog affected by Animal Scabies, the former can get infected by this parasite.

A rash will be seen on the skin of the human, followed by mild itching sensations. It... more

Scabies can spread by any type of prolonged skin contact with an infected person, at the time of sexual intercourse or by sharing personal items.

Scabies is a highly infectious skin disease that is caused by a parasite. This human itch mite lives inside the human body and feeds on it. In order to protect ourselves from this infection, we all should be aware of how it spreads and take necessary steps for prevention.

Read on to know what is to be done if one of your colleagues at your workplace has scabies –

1. If a Co-Worker is Likely to Have Scabies

... more

Small red skin rashes are certainly the most observable symptoms of popular scabies infection. These skin rashes are caused by the bites of scabies mite.

Under normal conditions, micro-organisms that cause scabies infection can’t survive for more than 72 hours. But when these mites find their way to human skin, it’s a different story altogether!

They can survive for months, reproduce and move around from one body part to another.

If you assume that you can never have scabies, courtesy your superior hygiene, you would probably be accepting a myth as truth. Scabies can... more

Not every skin infection or allergy can be considered scabies. This skin disease is easily distinguished with its apparent rashes especially in areas around hands, feet, arms, legs and groin. These symptoms gradually grow in a period of four weeks and by that time, can develop as something severe.          

If there is an uncontrollable itch all over your body, especially near groin, legs, arms or neck? You better don’t take things too casually as these can be some easy prominent symptoms of scabies. Remember that scabies is an extremely contagious skin infection that can develop... more

Dr. Scabies is certainly the most advanced natural prescription for this highly contagious skin disease called scabies. All products from Dr. Scabies are made 1005 natural ingredients that wipe out all symptoms and effects of scabies in an efficient manner. 

Scabies is infectious skin disease that can be easily detected with symptoms like severe itching and prominent rashes. This skin disease is particularly contagious and can spread to other with mere skin touch.  

Therefore, preventing its growth in the earliest stage is the only suggested cure to this contagious skin... more

Itching, infectious and ensuing rashes are prominent characteristic of scabies – a disease you would never want to come face to face with again in your life after few traumatic days and sleepless nights. This skin disease is highly contagious that can develop and transmit

Opting for the best scabies treatment is simply the preeminent counter to this skin infection.     

Although, there are several medicines and therapies for this skin infection, not every medication is going to help you get rid of it (they will claim to do so, of course!). Some medicines are only effective... more

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